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Adelaide Cemeteries Authority presents

'Mavericks, Madness and Murder Most Foul!' - West Terrace Cemetery by Night Tour

What was a young wife thinking as she searched for an axe with which to kill her husband?

What drives the architect of a city to shack up with his maid?

And how badly jilted must a man feel to kill his ex-fiancee with a fire poker, then dive into a well with a rope around his neck?

All this and much more happened right here in Adelaide more than a century ago. Live the stories in amongst the headstones of West Terrace Cemetery in this enthralling Night Tour.

For Fringe Festival 2020 (14th February - 15th March) bookings please use the below link:

*Free parking is available onsite

**Tours are subject to weather conditions, please confirm tour is proceeding prior to event.