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Rory McLeod presents

Rory McLeod (UK) at Fremantle Workers Club, WA

Fremantle Workers Social & Leisure Club // FRI 21 Feb

NEW LOCATION in Fremantle Park Centre : 36 Ellen St, Fremantle WA 6160

Phone: (08) 9335 1840



Rory McLeod (UK) : Touring with Gusto!

Rhythmic storyteller and multi-instrumentalist Rory McLeod is a travelling troubadour toting stories and songs that are bold, percussive, lyrical and deeply personal. Broken hearts, unpalatable truths, tales of social injustice, all expressed with an unexpected edge.

Wielding guitars, harmonicas, trombone, spoons, stomp box, tap shoes, a big heart and a cheeky wit, his shows are enthralling and unforgettable.

"I've travelled to look for work, to mend a broken heart, to be with someone I longed for. I'd travel to visit friends and on the way I'd make new ones; I'd roam because I was curious to see what was around the next corner..."

He returns to Australia in Jan/Feb 2020, lugging a swag of new tunes from his album "Gusto!", performing at Cygnet Folk Festival (TAS), Illawarra Folk Festival (NSW) plus some very special shows across Australia.

"McLeod is one of the most energetic, most generous performers I've seen." : Doug Spencer, ABC Radio.

"The charismatic British storytelling troubadour... tripped passionately through highly original and distinctive self-penned material." : Beat Magazine.

"...eloquently expressed ideas are set to vibrant, dynamic music with bouncy rhythms, infectious riffs and nifty tunes. McLeod transmitted a pure joy of music making ..." : St Louis Post-Despatch (USA)

"A dynamic live performer - never still or silent, his shows radiate energy." : Venue magazine (UK)

"Intimate, revealing, political and powerful."

"When he sings his songs he will take you on a journey with him."

"Poetry and dance-stories with verve, sharpness, humour and warmth about people, and for people."

"Great songs to dance to, infectious rhythms, flying harmonica!"


Shirley's Her Name :

The Quickest Way To Feel Rich :

I've Got No Use For A Gun :

Farewell Welfare :


The Wind Is Getting Stronger (with interview) :


The Wind is Getting Stronger (Live in Bristol) :

I Just Want to be Loved :

When Mum and Daddy Made Me :

Sleep Tonight :

Huge Sky :

Love Like a Rock :