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Sir Justyn presents Medieval Activities and more

Get up close and personal with resident knight Sir Justyn and his special interest in everything Middle Ages. He will enthrall young and old whilst sharing his knowledge about facts and legends, whilst busting a few myths along the way, in an interactive demonstration. Participate in Sir Justyn's Medieval activities and join in on his daily midday talk.
If you are up for the challenge, test Sir Justyn by asking him a question about the Middle Ages, that he cannot answer. If you succeed, you WIN a prize.
Back with his favourite activities all young archers are able to learn or perfect how to shoot the medieval longbow (rubber-tip arrows) under the guidance of Sir Justyn.
Be sure to listen out for the daily canon fire displays – that folk promise will be hard to miss.
10am canon fire
10-11am archery competition
12-1pm talk about castles
2-3pm archery competition