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Astarte Mind & Body Studio presents

Rhythmic Essence Drum and Dance Workshop and DJ Dance Party

Join us for a 2 hour Drum Rhythm and Dance Workshop with Keti Sharif and Sam Nascimento, followed by a fun Dinner and Dance Party.

About this Event

Percussionist & DJ Sam Nascimento and dancer/choreographer Keti Sharif present exciting dance workshops around the world in 2020. Sam introduced & pioneered Latin and world music and events Australia-wide. He held many long-term residencies, touring with international artists and dancers, and has played to audiences of thousands on a regular basis. He has recently shifted his focus on Arabic drumming and musical production. Keti is the creator of A-Z Bellydance, and has spent many years in Egypt working with live music, researching somatics and musicality for dancers. After recent travels to Egypt, where they researched with top Arabic musicians and performers, Keti and Sam merged ideas and talents to usher in a new approach into the rhythm-dance-music connection. This dynamic creative team offers a fresh, energized perspective to support both students and professionals interested in various Arabic musical cultures - old and new.

Participants will deepen their connection to the the powerful, rhythmic heart of Arabic music and dance. They will learn a variety of traditional and rare Arabic rhythms and how to dance to their unique patterns and time signatures, to feel the rhythmic flow of each style. Discover natural, easy and earthy ways of enhancing your dance skills by understanding the innate patterns and weight sensing that lies within each rhythmic matrix.

Join them in Shellharbour Sat 28th March, 2020!


Rhythmic Essence Workshop 2pm-4pm

2 hour workshop exploring 9 traditional and rare Arabic rhythms (Egyptian, Gulf, North African, Middle Eastern) and rhythmically dynamic bellydance techniques.

The workshop offers an exploration of rhythms, from sensual and slow to lively and dynamic. You will study Arabic rhythms and their weight patterns in detail, learning fresh new combinations to achieve a heightened sense of musical connection and artistic poise.



Enjoy a mezze style dinner with entertainment by professional and student dancers, followed by 2 hours of DJ dance music for dancers and guests to dance the night away and enjoy Egyptian club style bellydance that blends old and new, with professional Melbourne DJ Sam Nascimento.



If travelling from afar and staying for the dance party, the studio has shower, bathroom and kitchette facilities, as well as plenty of space for you to change for the evening. Or, if you prefer, take advantage of the of the location and take a short 10 minute drive to one of our beautiful local beaches.