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Dancing Dhevas presents

New Years Eve Masquerade Ecstatic dance

NYE Masquerade Ecstatic Dance - Reveal your self!

About this Event

Join forces on the eve of 2020 to spread LOVE and PEACE to all through a masked Ecstatic Dance.

Masking your self in mystery, revealed only by your dance to others, we share the floor of no mind, no ego, no persona and no face!

Keep your mask on until prompted to reveal yourself and dance together in our ecstatic community.

Bring a drink and some cake to share for after the dance.

Ecstatic Dance(No Alcohol) - 6:45 to 9pm (no entry after 7pm)

The dance journey will connect and rejoice, celebrate and honour our kinship, coming together to be part of this wonderful community. Celebrate in a safe space before heading home or onto the after party.

Come as you are or bring a friend, we share a dance floor of like minded souls who move as one and celebrate life and all its complexities. No right or wrong and no set moves, open up to a world of possibilities beyond your imagination.

The dance floor opens at 6:30pm and doors will close at 7:05 so no entry after then for the ecstatic dance.

Masked Ecstatic Dance

$20 Presales via Event brite

$25 Door sales

No entry without a mask!

Buy one, make one, paint one on!

Life Is A Dance ~ Dance Your Truth ~ Love Your Life